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1688 MANSFIELD TOWNSHIP by Pearl J. Tusim

The following are some facts on the township.

1676 - Concessions and Agreements Signed; 6/8/1688 Mansfield Township. Established as a Constabulary; 2/21/1798 Mansfield Township Incorporated.; 1850 - Fieldsborough separated from Mansfield Township and made into a borough; 1852 - Bordentown Township formed from Mansfield Township (includes Newbold Island; 1872 - Florence township formed from Mansfield Township.

POST OFFICES - Georgetown (Foolstown) 1847-1918; Columbus Encroaching Corners, Encroaching Town, Black Horse - P.O. 1806) Columbus 1827; Hedding (Three Tons) no P.O.; Kindora (Quindora) 1873-1887

FIRST FAMILIES - 1677 - Michael Newbold (800 acres; area of Keeler Oak); 1678 - Wm. Biddle (area of Kindora); 1677 William Black (Rising Sun area & east); 1678 Michael Buffin - Columbus light to Rising Sun; 1680 Percival Towle (between Petticoat Bridge Road & Jacksonville Road) Thomas Barton 100 acres & Jonathan Barton 800 acres; John Curtis 1684 347 acres (Mt. Pleasant); 1689 Thomas & Joseph Scattergood (500 acres - Thomas first family in Columbus - on South side of Crafts Creek); William Ellis 1689 - 460 acres - Mt. Pleasant area; 1693 - Richard French - Mt. Pleasant area; 1699 - Caleb Shreve - 325 acres - Mt. Pleasant area.

OLDEST HOUSES - James McIntyre - West Main, built in late 1600's; Walter Bowne's on Georgetown Road, dated 1740 B & S N; Richard Wedell's on Mt. Pleasant Road dated 1742, build by Benjamin Shreve; John Cook's house on Georgetown Road dated 1764, built by Newbold; Walter Reeder's on Mt. Pleasant Road, est. Date 1810, built by Brognard, home of Prince Murat 1827 - 1828; Columbus Inn dated 1812, owned by Herb Lovendusky; Amos Keeler's 1849, built for Amos III - Keeler Oak is over 300 years old; Keeler Farm has been in the same family for farming 200 years.; William Biddle's Home "Mt. Hope" still stands on the buff overlooking the Delaware River in Kinkora (not dated).

CHURCHES - Mansfield Meeting 1783; Columbus Methodist 1817; Columbus Baptist 1830; Columbus First Presbyterian 1835; Hedding Methodist 1847; Methodist Episcopal of Georgetown 1862, Episcopal, West Main.

PUBLIC CEMETERIES - Mansfield Meeting 1865; Columbus 1868

PAST BUSINESSES: Aaronson, Harvey & Co.; Ashby Steam Grist Mill; Brick Yard, Asa Carty, (Hdg.); Col. Cox, .A.N. Dobbins; Franklin Fire Co. 1828; Frazier Bros. (Georgetown); Harvey Cider Mill, Peter Harvey & Son, Iron Ore; Horse Racing; A.J. Keeley; Kerlins Grist Mill - later Kerlins Steam Mill; Maggio Cheese; Robert Newell; Raab & Sollers; RR Depot; Stevenson & Bros 1908 - now Stevenson Lumber Yard; Townsend & Ware 1900 - Now Wm. A. Townsend.

Clayton Atkinson - a bricklayer, was 1st man to construct a successful open grate to burn hard coal which was made for a broker in Philadelphia;

Isreal Biddle - served in State Legislature

John Black - was instrumental in getting a railroad from Philadelphia to New York, which was the earliest in the state. He was engaged later in building the Delaware & Atlantic RR which is the road bed preceding the Columbus and Kinkora RR. He was the first man to burn limestone in New Jersey. He and his brother, Clayton Atkinson, were the first to burn brick with coal in Philadelphia. They returned to Mansfield Township in 1821.

Clayton Black - Judge Court of Common Pleas;

George Black - (son to William) - member of State Legislature, State Director of United RR Co. For 23 years. Collector of Mansfield Township, Freeholder 17 years, Director and one of the original incorporators of the Mount Holly Bank, Director of Mercer County Mutual Insurance Company and Judge of Common Court Pleas.

Samuel Black - (son of William) Member of State Legislature when the charter was granted for the construction of the Camden and Amboy RR. Judge of the Common Pleas. Court and for many years, a member of the Board of Freeholders.

James Birch - world famous carriage manufacturer. He was raised on Amos Keeler's farm.

John Bishop - was the first to successfully manufacture drop shot. His business was Bishop and Sparks of Philadelphia.

John I. Bishop - in 1882 had the finest herd of Jersey cows in New Jersey. He grew and manufactured tobacco into cigars.

Thomas Burton - who owned 100 acres in Mansfield Township 1680, was a signer of the Concessions and Agreement, member of Assembly and a Constable of the First Tenth.

Dr. Calver - practiced in Columbus. He was cited by United States Senate for war duties.

Martin Gibbs - invented a compass to use in his survey work.

Benjamin Gibbs - owned much property in Columbus, collector for Mansfield Township for several years, member of State Legislature.

Amos Gibbs - (son of Benjamin) was clerk and later auditor of Burlington County.

Harvey Bros. - grew tobacco in Columbus.

Dr. John F. D. Heinekin - 1855 his accident with the horses in Burlington was the worst in the history of railroading at the time.

John Hutchinson - (Georgetown) was noted for his stock breeding farm. He had a Jersey cow that brought the highest price ever paid for one of that breed.

Ann Landon - lived in Coulter's house - went with husband, Ken as missionaries from Columbus to Siam. She found Ann's diary and wrote "Anna and The King of Siam" which is a famous book, play, movie and TV series.

Thomas Aikins Larselere - lived on West Main Street (1850's) was on the team which designed the Washington D.C. Capitol Building.

Prince Lucien Murat - lived in Columbus 1827 - 1828 in the present Parcels' home.

Dr. Asahel Page - In 1828, he raced horses with Prince Murat on Main Street. As a result of that race, he started the District Medical Society in 1829

Rev. George Schuler - who has written over 500 songs was converted in 1899 at the Columbus Presbyterian church. (Lived at Riggs house.)

Augustus M. Wells - (son of Moses) President of Mount Holly National Bank, director of Mount Holly Insurance Co.

George B. Wills - (son of Moses) was twice a member of New Jersey Assembly.

Moses Wills - Judge of Common Court of Errors and Appeals, Member of New Jersey Legislature and the State Constitutional Convention. Mercantile Store with George Black.

Captain Joseph Pancoast - Rev. Ware Hero of 1776.

Col. Israel Shreve - born in the Columbus ancestral home; home in Georgetown; his horse shot from under him four different times in Rev. War.

Henry Miller Shreve - (Israel's 7th child) born at Mt. Pleasant home in 1785, went by covered wagon to Louisiana, invented back hoe dredger and cleared new section of Mississippi River - Shreveport, Lo. named in his honor. He named each room on his boat for a state. That is where the use of "Stateroom" comes today.

Jonathan & Samuel Shreve - in 1820 sold their store in Columbus and Trenton and built present Smithville - $225,000.

George Sykes - 1880 in Reederhouse - taught at Mt. Pleasant School. 1843 - 1848 U.S. Congress, 1877 - 1879 New Jersey Legislature; Georgetown and Sykesville named for him.

Truman Wright - "Greenbriar" Hotel Present

Walter Wright - retired exec. Gen Tel.

SCHOOLS - Mansfield Friends Meeting 1786; Brick building - shortly after 1786 (both in 1882....; Georgetown before 1800, brick building 1914 - 1924

Mansfield Brick 1914 - 1922 (at end intersection of 206 and Georgetown Road)

Grove School 1837 - Closed early 1900's

Rising Sun Square north of Gilbert's closed 6/1905

Union on Locust Ave. - 1870 - 1914

Columbus Seminary - private - 1870 - closed early 1900's

Hedding (Three Tons) - frame building back of Methodist church - closed 1914

Hedding Brick - now Dzman - 1914-1943

Black Horse School on Craft's Creek West of New York Avenue on 1848 map.

Mt. Pleasant School - South East corner of Mt. Pleasant Road and Island Road, 1859 map.

Columbus Mansfield Grammar - 1914, 1930-2 rooms, 1955 & 1964 additions

Union before 1852 - have record of meeting of board of trustees.

Northern Burlington County Regional Sr. Jr. High School - 1960 to present.


- members of Algonkian group means "Original people". The early settlers named them the Delaware, because most of them made their homes along the Delaware River.

FOOLSTOWN - later Georgetown (for George Sykes) - A man bankrupted himself building a mansion.

MANSFIELD TOWNSHIP - from the name of the English town on The border of Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire, England. Further evidence of this fact is that the township is on the opposite side of Crosswicks Creek which was once called Nottingham. (ref. "Sign Posts" by Henry Bisbee)


DELAWARE - Then an English exploring party came up the river to the now Trenton in 1610, their interpreter asked the Indians their name, they replied, "N-del-la-wowe" meaning "original People". The English were astonished. How did these Indians know of their new governor so soon? The river Then name (ref. news clipping February 11, 1957 b. Eleanor Milan Shuman.) (Gov. Lord. De la Warr)

BLACKS CREEK - named for Quaker William Black who took up 8 acres along the stream. (ref. Sign Posts)

ASSISCUNK CREEK - spelled Assiscunke & Essiscunk by the Indians means "muddy or dirty creek." In 1698, Gabriel Thomas called the stream Wissahisk River - "that runs down into the great river Delaware by Burlington". called Birch Creek, 1692, Barracks Creek 1759 when the British army built a barracks on the south side of the Broad Street in Burlington. (ref. "Sign Posts")

PETTICOAT BRIDGE - Legend has it that the colonial women tore up the boards to prevent the Hessians from crossing during the Revolutionary War. (one woman started to fall into the swirling waters but was saved because her petticoat caught.) Others say it was because the wind blew the ladies attire there.

GOVERNMENT - Mansfield is a little over 23 square miles

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